Maternity Leave was such a beautiful time in my life. I absolutely loved spending the time with my daughter and watching her grow each and everyday.

As much joy as I experienced, I was in a terrible relationship with nutrition. I wasn’t eating to fuel my body, I was eating for no reason at all most times. Not even because I was hungry.

Time and time again I’d feel guilt and regret after eating. I’d over eat more times than not and my choices were hardly clean or beneficial for my bod.

I’d go through spurts where I would commit to healthy choices and hitting my home gym, I’d start feeling amazing, maybe even shed a few pounds. But guess what, I would lose my focus and just give up. Such a vicious cycle!

All of the on again and off again is a thing of the past. I ain’t never lookin’ back. What’s changed? My mindset! The shift was surprisingly easy at that but having my coach by my side has made a world of difference. She helped me figure what kind of person I wanted to become and is giving me the tools and resources to get there. I’ve repaired my relationship with food and workout only 3 times a week for now. Not killing myself training has kept me from straying. The remaining days I choose a fun activity to keep this body moving. I love hiking with my family and am in the process of getting a group together locally to hike with me, just for fun and to enjoy the great outdoors.

Nothing but love, fun and happiness for this Calm Mom in the future.

I would love to hear some feedback or if anyone has any ideas for fun activities, let me know!

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