Balance your journey

It’s so much easier to grab something fast at lunch. Fast foot of any kind. Right?!

I thought so too. Anything that was convenient to eat, like a sandwich or burger and fries. I was in a terrible rut where I was making choices like that way to often. And I’d justify it by telling myself that I’m so busy and that it’s convenient.

Man, that was so wrong! For me anyways. Do you know what’s convenient? Having a meal plan and ideas of meals/snacks to fuel your body for a stable energy level that lasts all day long! Something even more convenient; having those meals and snacks prepared ahead of time.

I am fortunate enough now at work that I’m working a position where I get to come home every night. (My first 6 years at CP Rail I worked on crews away from home on a schedule that was 8 days away working then 6 days off.) Being able to come home every night, that gives me the opportunity to make myself a fresh lunch each night for the next day.

That doesn’t leave much room for failure. By no means do I have to stick to my clean meal plan 100% of the time to be successful. My coach encourages balance in life so I feel no guilt if I cave and eat “normal” food. I use the word normal to describe the foods that much of society indulges in on a regular basis. I won’t lie, I’ve had pizza since beginning this journey with my coach, Jenna Yvonne, and I loved every bit of it. That’s what balance is all about, being able to enjoy simple pleasures but have the discipline to stay on track.

As my goals change I will balance health and fitness without pizza but as inspired by my daughter, baby steps! And I’m loving my journey!

Who else is on a journey? Tell me about it!

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