Music is such a big part of my life. I’m a music junkie! Music can make or break a mood. It can lift you up, it can make you cry and help you to feel all of the emotions in between. I’m like many others out there who enjoy music and can’t have a day go by without a good jam session. Especially if there’s a workout scheduled! Everybody’s got their own preference of what those speakers will play during a workout. My personal preference is metal. I’m a total metal head, which kind of makes you think :”hey Jenna! Aren’t you Calm Mom, on a journey to peace and mindfulness? How in the world does metal fit in?” Well, when I asked myself this question all that came to mind is that it soothes me. The loud vocals, guitars, drums, bass, the works, helps me to feel empowered. I can really push through each rep like a champ. But it could metal one day and some clubby house music the next. I’m a lover of all genres, mostly. It comes down to what mood I’m in. I’ll listen to whatever soothes my soul and compliments my vibes. Today’s choice was Alice in Chains, the Dirt album. I’m completely obsessed with this album and could listen to it over and over again. The passion in Layne Staley’s voice along with Jerry Cantrell’s harmonies creates such a powerful sound and gives me the chills. I want to know what genre everyone else’s ears prefer? Positive vibes everyone Xo Jenna

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