Live Clean Baby Products

Of all the different brands out there that we can choose to use on our precious little ones, I’ve been more than satisfied with the Live Clean Baby products. Not only is it Canadian but it is 97% plant derived and natural based. Their products are free from many potentially harmful preservatives and other additives.

In our house, we use the Calming Bedtime and Soothing oatmeal relief lotion and Calming Bedtime and Soothing oatmeal relief bubble bath and wash. Not only do the products leave your child with that “new baby” smell that all of us parents long for but my daughter’s skin and hair has never become dry or irritated. The washes are soft and create a lot of bubbles and smiles for both baby and parents.

Another staple product from the baby line that I swear by is the Gentle moisture non-petroleum jelly. It comes in the perfect size container for diaper bag. It applies smoothly and a little goes a long way. It protects your babies skin just as it should. I’ve got the diaper ointment and eczema cream on hand that I had received as gifts for my baby shower. I’m fortunate enough that my baby’s skin is so resilient I haven’t had to use either.

This product is also incredibly affordable and for the great quality of the Live Clean brand the price is more than reasonable.

From a green point of view, these products are biodegradable on top of everything else. Here, I’ll leave you some links to see more about these products and the rest of Live Clean’s line of fantastic skin and hare care products.

What products does everyone else like to use on their children?

Stay amazing, all the love ❤

Xo Jenna

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