Dirt biking

If any of my readers have been on and rode a dirt bike before, you’re probably like me in the sense of knowing how addictive it is.

My first bike was a 1997 125RM. It wasn’t extraordinary by any means but it was special to me. Riding made me feel adrenaline like never before. It was beyond incredible.

Sixth gear tapped flying down a dirt road would make my heart miss a beat or two. There has to be an abundance of respect for the machines. Without it you’re going to be eating dirt, breaking bones or even worse, dead. But that’s not what I’m here to dwell on.

I want to write about how I’ve recently become inspired to own another bike, preferably a 250 4 stroke this time around. My first bike, I ended up selling while I was pregnant because there was no room for riding in my life at the time.

Not only is riding completely exhilarating but it is a damn good workout, which is very suiting for my current journey. I’m currently down 18 pounds in under 2 months and have only been accepting things in my life that make me say F*** Yes! New people, new experiences and new ways to become happy. What better way to contribute to this new life then to include an old passion that can incorporate all of those things.

Amazing things are unravelling for this Calm Mom! Stay tuned friends.

Happy Halloween

Xo Jenna

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