Reset #284959

Throughout your journey to reach any goals, how many times have you been set back, hit a speed bump or simply became caught up in the joys of the present that you forgot to set aside some time to progress?

Because of my amazing coach I live by a “no guilt” policy. Especially because the time I took was exactly what I wanted and I am currently so happy in life and love myself entirely.

To get back on track I am just going to hit reset and just like that, I am on my merry little way to my goals. I quit dragging my feet and actually meal prepped for the first time since receiving my new plan. Today being day one of keeping it clean and making the best choices for my body, I feel incredible. Full of energy which has been long lasting all day long.

Coach has added a new item to my morning smoothie. Aloe Vera inner leaf gel. I’ll include a link to a resource for more information about it. I am looking forward to reaping the benefits of this product. I’ve also come across a little miracle in a spray bottle, Citrus flavoured vitamin D. One or two sprays orally and you’re good for the day. This is beneficial for me because it’s one less pill form supplement to ingest. The vitamin D is essential especially during the cooler months when we’re not fortunate enough to have as much sunshine in a day.

It’s so important to take care of your body and mind. Take care of yourself and you can take care of others. Love yourself and you can love others. It starts with you ladies and gentlemen.

Keep smiling

Xo Jenna