Train kept a Rollin’, baby!

So I just want to say, this has been one tough journey.. tougher than a small town girl living in a lonely world. 😜

Countless times I’ve felt defeated but countless times I’ve reset. Countless times I’ve pushed forwards and countless times I just won’t give up. That’s something I’ve prided myself on. The desire to attain short term and long term goals I’ve set for myself.

Any mom or dad out there knows damn well the struggles parenthood can throw at us. We can become totally derailed from the track to success. From fatigue, busy schedules and taking care of others, we forget how important it is to take care of OURSELVES from time to time.

The last couple of months have been a roller coaster for me to commit to myself and the simple things that keep me focused on my goals. I’ve mentioned a couple times now, I swear by green tea, camomile and meditation. Along with nutrition and working out.

I want to pat myself on the back because I’ve got a good rhythm going, finally! I’ve found balance and am progressing towards my goals continuously. My inspiring coach who has been beyond supportive, informative and caring has recently provided me with a new meal plan to follow. Counting macros will still be something to work on but I was having difficulty reaching my daily targets. Now I’ve got recipe options for breakfast, lunch, post workout, dinner and snacks to choose from. These meals will get me to my daily targets and boost my results! Currently I am striving for physical results. I’ve been working on my internal health and happiness and I’ve never felt more ready to smash the exterior goals.

With all this being said, each individual who has read my blogs, liked them, supported me, related with me and has simply been following my journey.. thank you! From the bottom of my heart. I’ve grown into the best version of myself to date and I’ll continue to climb this ladder.

Lots of love


Calm Mom