The adventures continue

There’s so much to be excited for going on in my world and I wanted to share some of it with you all.

To start, I think I can speak for many when I say the warm, sunshine of spring has finally graced us with its presence. This means we can all feel happier by simply soaking up that vitamin D. (Don’t forget to take care of your skin and use that sunscreen!)

With the beautiful weather upon us, it’s allowed me to take action and get myself another dirt bike 😁. Can you say f*** yes!!? My first bike was a ’97 125 RM and it was quite fun to learn on. I had one bad crash (when I say bad I’m only meaning on my own personal scale) where I ended up in the hospital because I had crushed my stomach on my handle bars running into a hidden stationary object. Total newbie. But it didn’t keep me down. I continued riding and it has been an intense passion since day one. Like they say, I’m sentenced to life behind bars. I sold that bike when I became pregnant because, for one, it’s extremely dangerous while pregnant and for two, I didn’t think I’d have the time for it once my little one arrived. I was right.

Now my daughter is months away from turning two and I was fortunate enough to stumble across a great deal for my latest dirt bike. It is a CRF150, which in my opinion is a safer bet but still a ton of fun. I’ve had the opportunity to get out for a couple rides already this season and my passion for the sport hasn’t faded. I am continuously looking for new places to ride. My preference being trails. If anyone has a “must go” place to ride, leave me a comment.

I feel it’s necessary to toss in a little tidbit on why I’m so passionate about riding. To me it’s a release, an escape. It’s something that, when I’m on the bike, any stresses just seem to disappear. It’s relieving. It’s a stepping stone to that calmness that I’m ever longing for.

Next up, my partner in crime needs a bike so we can ride together instead of taking turns. Also the 150 is a little small for him 😆. We may have found just the one for him but I’ll keep you posted.

I can foresee many smiles, laughs and memories to be had in the future. I especially wanted to touch on the dirt biking aspect. I’ll be sure to follow up with my progress and some pictures. Wish me luck!

Lots of love

Xo Jenna