Realizing all of the amazing things you have, whether it be materialistic or not, is key to becoming happy. I made mention in my first blog that I’ve recently started keeping a gratitude journal. I’ve experimented with two different apps on my phone but found it was becoming a chore to keep up with it. Although it was successful in the sense that it caused me to pause for a few moments each day and realize that I have an abundance of joy in my life, where I’ve been thriving is in a personal journal that I’ve been physically writing in. It’s a small, pretty, hardcovered journal where I limit myself to a page each day and I am practising cursive writing for each entry. I enjoy cursive and find it soothing. It’s almost like a lost art form that is dying out, which is unfortunate. A peek into what some of my entries consist of that I am so grateful for; love. Love that I feel from my family and friends. I’ve got a partner in life who’s stuck by my side through the good, the bad and the ugly, literally. He’s seen all of me and accepts me for me. He lifts me up and adds much value to my life. We are a true team and I’m blessed to have a love like that. Even further, he’s given me the most beautiful baby daughter who is almost 15 months. She lights up, not just my life but everyone fortunate enough to be around her. She’s so happy, absolutely hilarious and incredibly smart. She completes my soul. One more entry includes my loving parents who have been my biggest fans and supportive no matter what. I realize that not everyone can be so lucky which leaves me with a smile and a sense of gratitude. I highly recommend this simple practice to anyone and everyone because it’s an effortless way to make yourself smile and feel happiness. It’s just one more step on my journey of becoming calm.



I am Jenna Jones. I’m a 28 year old mother of one beautiful baby. I guess I’ll start with a history leading up to my desire to blog.

I had begun my struggles with severe anxiety a few months postpartum. I sadly just lived with it because I really didn’t know what to do. I thought I was sentenced to life with anxiety until one day back in June I decided I could no longer accept feeling that awful. I consulted my doctor and began taking medication. At first I was all for it. It was a quick fix. But then I started hating the fact that I had to take a stupid pill everyday. On top of that I was also slightly unhappy with my body image and my nutrition (or lack there of). A few months later is when I reached out to my own personal wonder woman, my health, fitness and lifestyle coach, Jenna Yvonne McNamara. Early September my journey begun . In a few short weeks my mindset has shifted to where it needs to be. I’ve committed completely to my health and happiness. I’ve been making a positive impact on those around me. I’ve started to learn about balance. I now meditate and keep a gratitude journal. Oh yeah, and I’m down 10 pounds, effortlessly. I’ve loosely followed my meal plan and have made good choices for my body. I’ve only begun to follow a fitness plan a week ago. I’m almost in disbelief about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I can only imagine where I will be in a few more weeks.

I’ve made meditation a part of my daily routine and I’ve sought guidance from a woman who was my childhood babysitter who is now a Reiki teacher, Denise Carpenter of Lotus Wings. I’ve got my first reiki treatment coming up and am planning on taking a beginners class to learn more. I’m all about good energy, good karma, balance and healing so what better place to start.

I’m so optimistic about what lays ahead on my journey and want to share it with the world.

Much love to everyone and I shall write again soon.