A discovery along the path

Throughout my journey of becoming calm I’ve discovered a thing or two to help boost my general well being. Today I want to share with you a hidden gem that I’m so grateful to have been introduced to. That my friends, is Maca.

Maca has all kinds of benefits for both men and women but I’ll mostly cover those that have applied to me.

The product I use is Ecoideas, Gelatinized Maca. I add it into my morning shake. It’s Canadian and natural. Check it out here: https://ecoideas.ca/ethnosciencegelatinized-maca.html

Maca has boosted my energy levels and compared to coffee and tea, it does not stress the adrenals. My energy levels also maintain all day long. I no longer am fatigued like I used to be and to feel the benefits of this product there isn’t a long wait period. I felt a noticeable difference after day 1.

A traditional use for Maca is to reduce anxiety and stress and this alone was reason enough for me to give it a try. I’ve been trying holistic ways to reduce my anxiety to get off of the quick fix medication I initially started my journey with.

Another plus I’ve noticed since starting consumption of maca is that it supports mental clarity and focus. This has been beneficial especially at work. It is important to stay focused on the task at hand because there’s no room for error on the railway. I am not easily distracted and my productivity level is way up.

And further, here’s lists of all of Macas benefits for men and women. Themacateam.com was a very resourceful sight to find any information needed for Maca.

The major reasons women take Maca are:

  • Muscle building (Black Maca)
  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing stamina
  • Boosting libido (Red Maca)energy.jpg
  • Enhancing fertility (Red Maca)
  • Hair growth
  • Improving skin tone
  • Enhancing curves
  • Balancing hormones during menopause (Red Maca)
  • Preventing Osteoperosis
  • Supporting Thyroid health
  • Enhancing mental focus and clarity
  • Reducing depression

The major reasons that men take Maca are:

  • Muscle building (Black Maca)
  • Increasing energy
  • Increasing staminaolder-man-exercising.jpg
  • Boosting libido and overcoming erectile dysfunction
  • Enhancing fertility (Black Maca)
  • Hair growth
  • Prostate health (Red Maca)
  • Strong teeth and bones
  • Enhancing mental focus and clarity
  • Reducing depression

I recommend this product! Especially the Ecoideas brand because it’s a good quality product for a reasonable price.

Enjoy friends,

Xo Jenna


Today I experienced my first reiki treatment and it was so incredible. I’m almost at a loss for words to describe what it was like. But I’ll start with the amazing woman who performed the treatment, Denise Carpenter from Lotus Wings, http://lotuswings.ca/ . She was my childhood babysitter and it has made me unbelievably happy to have her in my life again, especially during this journey. Before we began, she explained to me to let thoughts come and go and not to force anything. Also that if I had the urge to talk about something, to not hold back because speaking is a way to release and heal. Along with that, I may have the urge to laugh, even cry. Whether it be soft, quiet tears or a full blown cry. I didn’t understand how those urges could arise but I was eager to start. I laid down on the table and from there my job was to relax. I instantly began to feel shifting of energy and only minutes into the treatment I had a giggly feeling come over me. It came and went so fast. Following that, I began to feel sad and tears started to flow. There were thoughts that were most recognizable. One being of my late dog, Cassy. She was my best friend and when it was her time to go it was so hard on me. I felt robbed and a piece of my heart and soul went with her. Next thought being of my mother. She’s always been my rock. I couldn’t help but think about her challenges she’s faced in life. I was so scared for her life when she battled cancer. I was a kid and didn’t understand what was happening completely. Now, being older, I almost feel guilt because I wish I would have been there for her more. I am so fortunate to have my momma bear here. Strong and healthy. (I love you mom!) Thoughts of my late grandparents kept coming to mind as well. But it was almost like I was seeing them standing over me, smiling. It was so warming. Missing people is tough. My final thoughts were of my spouse and my daughter. I thought of their laughs, smiles, hugs and kisses. I am truly blessed. It might seem crazy to put yourself through a treatment such as reiki if it can cause sad thoughts and tears. But I need to stress that you can’t possibly heal yourself if you don’t face whats in your darkest corners. As all of these thoughts were coming and going, a moment that stuck out during the process was when her hands were on my head, the warmth that I felt and it was as if there was a force pulling energy upwards and out of the top of my head. It was amazing! When all was said and done and she asked me to open my eyes, she asked me to really notice the state my body was in. I was 100% relaxed. I’ve never felt that calm in my entire life. I chose the word calm to help my body go back to that state. During my meditation I will tell myself to go to that calm state. I’ve booked another treatment in two weeks and a level 1 beginners class. I’m thrilled to see where this takes me. And I highly recommend everyone to try it. You will be in awe. I promise. Xo Jenna

Balance your journey

It’s so much easier to grab something fast at lunch. Fast foot of any kind. Right?!

I thought so too. Anything that was convenient to eat, like a sandwich or burger and fries. I was in a terrible rut where I was making choices like that way to often. And I’d justify it by telling myself that I’m so busy and that it’s convenient.

Man, that was so wrong! For me anyways. Do you know what’s convenient? Having a meal plan and ideas of meals/snacks to fuel your body for a stable energy level that lasts all day long! Something even more convenient; having those meals and snacks prepared ahead of time.

I am fortunate enough now at work that I’m working a position where I get to come home every night. (My first 6 years at CP Rail I worked on crews away from home on a schedule that was 8 days away working then 6 days off.) Being able to come home every night, that gives me the opportunity to make myself a fresh lunch each night for the next day.

That doesn’t leave much room for failure. By no means do I have to stick to my clean meal plan 100% of the time to be successful. My coach encourages balance in life so I feel no guilt if I cave and eat “normal” food. I use the word normal to describe the foods that much of society indulges in on a regular basis. I won’t lie, I’ve had pizza since beginning this journey with my coach, Jenna Yvonne, and I loved every bit of it. That’s what balance is all about, being able to enjoy simple pleasures but have the discipline to stay on track.

As my goals change I will balance health and fitness without pizza but as inspired by my daughter, baby steps! And I’m loving my journey!

Who else is on a journey? Tell me about it!


Maternity Leave was such a beautiful time in my life. I absolutely loved spending the time with my daughter and watching her grow each and everyday.

As much joy as I experienced, I was in a terrible relationship with nutrition. I wasn’t eating to fuel my body, I was eating for no reason at all most times. Not even because I was hungry.

Time and time again I’d feel guilt and regret after eating. I’d over eat more times than not and my choices were hardly clean or beneficial for my bod.

I’d go through spurts where I would commit to healthy choices and hitting my home gym, I’d start feeling amazing, maybe even shed a few pounds. But guess what, I would lose my focus and just give up. Such a vicious cycle!

All of the on again and off again is a thing of the past. I ain’t never lookin’ back. What’s changed? My mindset! The shift was surprisingly easy at that but having my coach by my side has made a world of difference. She helped me figure what kind of person I wanted to become and is giving me the tools and resources to get there. I’ve repaired my relationship with food and workout only 3 times a week for now. Not killing myself training has kept me from straying. The remaining days I choose a fun activity to keep this body moving. I love hiking with my family and am in the process of getting a group together locally to hike with me, just for fun and to enjoy the great outdoors.

Nothing but love, fun and happiness for this Calm Mom in the future.

I would love to hear some feedback or if anyone has any ideas for fun activities, let me know!


Realizing all of the amazing things you have, whether it be materialistic or not, is key to becoming happy. I made mention in my first blog that I’ve recently started keeping a gratitude journal. I’ve experimented with two different apps on my phone but found it was becoming a chore to keep up with it. Although it was successful in the sense that it caused me to pause for a few moments each day and realize that I have an abundance of joy in my life, where I’ve been thriving is in a personal journal that I’ve been physically writing in. It’s a small, pretty, hardcovered journal where I limit myself to a page each day and I am practising cursive writing for each entry. I enjoy cursive and find it soothing. It’s almost like a lost art form that is dying out, which is unfortunate. A peek into what some of my entries consist of that I am so grateful for; love. Love that I feel from my family and friends. I’ve got a partner in life who’s stuck by my side through the good, the bad and the ugly, literally. He’s seen all of me and accepts me for me. He lifts me up and adds much value to my life. We are a true team and I’m blessed to have a love like that. Even further, he’s given me the most beautiful baby daughter who is almost 15 months. She lights up, not just my life but everyone fortunate enough to be around her. She’s so happy, absolutely hilarious and incredibly smart. She completes my soul. One more entry includes my loving parents who have been my biggest fans and supportive no matter what. I realize that not everyone can be so lucky which leaves me with a smile and a sense of gratitude. I highly recommend this simple practice to anyone and everyone because it’s an effortless way to make yourself smile and feel happiness. It’s just one more step on my journey of becoming calm.



I am Jenna Jones. I’m a 28 year old mother of one beautiful baby. I guess I’ll start with a history leading up to my desire to blog.

I had begun my struggles with severe anxiety a few months postpartum. I sadly just lived with it because I really didn’t know what to do. I thought I was sentenced to life with anxiety until one day back in June I decided I could no longer accept feeling that awful. I consulted my doctor and began taking medication. At first I was all for it. It was a quick fix. But then I started hating the fact that I had to take a stupid pill everyday. On top of that I was also slightly unhappy with my body image and my nutrition (or lack there of). A few months later is when I reached out to my own personal wonder woman, my health, fitness and lifestyle coach, Jenna Yvonne McNamara. Early September my journey begun . In a few short weeks my mindset has shifted to where it needs to be. I’ve committed completely to my health and happiness. I’ve been making a positive impact on those around me. I’ve started to learn about balance. I now meditate and keep a gratitude journal. Oh yeah, and I’m down 10 pounds, effortlessly. I’ve loosely followed my meal plan and have made good choices for my body. I’ve only begun to follow a fitness plan a week ago. I’m almost in disbelief about how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time. I can only imagine where I will be in a few more weeks.

I’ve made meditation a part of my daily routine and I’ve sought guidance from a woman who was my childhood babysitter who is now a Reiki teacher, Denise Carpenter of Lotus Wings. I’ve got my first reiki treatment coming up and am planning on taking a beginners class to learn more. I’m all about good energy, good karma, balance and healing so what better place to start.

I’m so optimistic about what lays ahead on my journey and want to share it with the world.

Much love to everyone and I shall write again soon.